This is what syscheck is about

Syscheck is able to detect more than 222 different systems.
The systems are separated in categories.
Click the category name below to find out which systems are supported.

If you miss a system in our list, feel free to send us an email.

Website Software

These are the main systems in this category:

DotEasy Website Creator
Freeway 5
Microsoft Frontpage Express
Microsoft Publisher
Netobjects Fusion
Serif Webplus
Starfield Technologies; Website Builder
Web To Date
yahoo! Sitebuilder


This is the full list of supported systems syscheck is able to detect:

2GoSite, Apple iWeb, Bluevoda Website Builder, Chambermaster, Coffeecup Visual Site Designer, DotEasy Website Creator, Freeway 5, go daddy Website Builder, Homestead Sitebuilder, Microsoft Frontpage Express, Microsoft Publisher, Netobjects Fusion, Plesk Sitebuilder, Serif Webplus, SiteGrinder, Starfield Technologies; Website Builder, Starfield Technologies; Website Tonight, Trellix Site Builder, Virtual Mechanics Sitespinner, Web Page Maker, Web To Date, Wysiwyg Web Builder, Yahoo! Pagebuilder, yahoo! Site Solution, yahoo! Sitebuilder

If you miss a system in our list, feel free to send us an email.

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